Demonstrate a productive livestock industry, based on dairy, beef and indigenous farming and Preserve the indigenous livestock, with the associated values for sustainability


To Expound on the existing modern and indigenous potential in livestock farming, for the benefit of a broader farming community, through education, demonstration and adoption.

Objectives of ULS (Ishaazi)

The objectives of ISHAAZI are to;

  • Create a platform for accessing better and productive livestock breeds and services.
  • Preserve the indigenous breeds by enhancing their productivity.
  • Promote agricultural tourism with orientation for culture and modernity.
  • Promote the Beef and Dairy sectors by introduction of better breeds and securing viable markets for improved meat and milk production.
  • Motivate farmers by creating competitiveness through demonstrations and awards.
  • Promote Farmers’ networking through formation of Breed Societies
  • Linking farmers and other stakeholders to modern technology advancements and up to date services

Services Focus Areas

  1. Genetics and Breeding;
  2. Nutrition (feeds);
  3. Management, farm structures and environment;
  4. Health;
  5. Financing;
  6. Research and training; and
  7. Marketing and value addition.