Livestock Market App

The ISHAAZI Livestock Market App.

We have synergized with the leading mobile content provider; True African to harness the ever-growing online/mobile services dependent population by bringing our services to their seamless smart phones by introducing the ISHAAZI Livestock Market App.

A farmer will be able to access, sell, buy, insure, auction or access any services or contacts through his/her mobile phone or office desk top, laptop, IPad etc.

The ISHAAZI Livestock Market App, will also access vital services focusing on the 7 highlighted areas namely;

  1. Genetics and Breeding;
  2. Nutrition (feeds);
  3. Management, farm structures and environment;
  4. Health;
  5. Financing;
  6. Research and training; and
  7. Marketing and value addition.


Preliminary requirements/needs assessments for this project have been gathered in various livestock forums and among different stakeholders and all indicators justify the need for the service.